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Midweek Bible Studies

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With our families living throughout Kitsap County, we offer several midweek Bible studies in various homes in our community. These gatherings encourage study of God’s Word and prayer as well as regular fellowship among our people. Each study is led by an elder with the study materials approved by our Session.

Poulsbo Bible Study

Led by Pastor Andy Krasowski


Meets every Wednesday at  6 PM

Soup & salad supper followed by Bible study & prayer


Call the church office for location



“Sipping Saltwater: How to Find Lasting Satisfaction in a World of Thirst”

by Steve Hoppe



A unique angle on the problem of idolatry and how it affects Christians, particularly in our contemporary culture of numerous hidden idols.

The uniqueness of this book comes in the metaphor of sipping saltwater. Even as Christians, we 'sip' on idols such as
money, relationships, careers, sex, food, human approval…the list is endless. These things promise to satisfy us—to quench our thirst. In the end, however, they fail to do so and leave us thirstier than we were before drinking them. To make matters worse, we are left with devastating hangovers—the negative consequences of our idolatry.

This book enables readers to identify their own source(s) of saltwater and explains how to quench their thirst with Jesus' living water—the only drink that will ever truly satisfy us
both now and for eternity. It inspires readers to go on in the Christian life as they started—by making Jesus the center of our lives and giving our worship to him.

Silverdale Bible Study

Led by Elder John Thomas


Meets every Thursday at  2 PM

Bible study & prayer


Call the church office for location