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Trail Life USA & American Heritage Girls

New Spring Adult Electives in Sunday School


Begins Sunday, March 4th at 9:30 AM



by Philip Ripken


Though the world's wisest king, Solomon's heart was led astray by temptations of wealth, sex, and power. Today, the temptations may be different in degree and detail, yet we all face the same dangers. Tracing Solomon's life from coronation to burial - and from godly devotion to self-serving excess – Pastor Ripken shows how to avoid similar downfalls and seek God's glory amid earthly temptations. These thirteen chapters are pastoral, rich in application, and biblically faithful.


Taught by Pastor Krasowski & Elder Evan Vis.




by Jerry Bridges


We all want a deeper, more intimate relationship with God - one that’s characterized by joy. But how does fearing God lead to joy? Aren’t we supposed to love Him and live in intimate relationship with Him? Jerry Bridges explores this paradox as he unpacks the biblical promise that God delights in those who fear Him. Join him as he unveils the awesome greatness of God - His incredible holiness, deep wisdom, and especially His inspiring love. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of who God is that will draw you into a truly biblical, and surprisingly delightful, fear of God - a fear that includes your own genuine, heartfelt delight in God.


Taught by Elders Everett Henry & John Thomas.